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Trailer Of Tree Of Life So you should be seeing some stuff soon! I am thinking of an idea to have a live chat in the members area in order to talk to everyone constantly and thru-out the day. So In a couple days hopefully you will all see it. Then we should have a update the following week and one their after. Hello, we have an update today, depending on your time zone. A small segment from the "Tree Of Life" Series.

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Montserrat. Age: 24.
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However the vlog will be on a separate category and not posted on the front page.

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Andi. Age: 31.
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We are also putting together a new awesome set for Aethena's story, its been a hard set to build but I think everyone will love it. BareMaiden's News Another Beautiful Update We are working hard to bring you the best stuff, and it takes us time to make sure its presentable to all of you. We decided we will be having a live chat option in our members area.

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