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ice poseidon pokemon go
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Although IRL livestreams were always popular on Twitch, they weren't normalized content , Twitch openly opposed and banned people from streaming IRL content until the Pokemon GO era where people would use pokemon go as their excuse to stream outdoors. Sign In Don't have an account? These were usually solo streams, where Paul would talk to random people on the street and not really play pokemon go. His subreddit was one of the most active subreddits, the subreddit goes through both times of high and low traffic depending on the frequency and quality of streams. The mentioned streamers were taking an absence from streaming and thus this helped the initial growth of Ice, they have all since moved back into Ice's niche and become his competition, many have arguably have eclipsed ice in quality and runtime.

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He stated the ban was permanent, but that he could appeal the ban in six months.

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Ice Poseidon

Internet personality says he was target of prank threat at Sky Harbor English. Ice Poseidon posts would occasionally reach the top of the front page of reddit. In a YouTube video he said that the ban was due to disclosing his location at the airport on a live stream before the flight.

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