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These people would never speak to one another if they met on the street, but because they can use computers, they freely exchange thoughts, ideas, dreams and hopes. Anarchist insurrection never seems far off, with free speech pushed to its limits. Sometimes the advice issued is flippant "Pawn all your mommies gold…" , other times it is scheming and ambitious. A lot of key members had been banned, or left, and almost all the conversation on Zoklet became stuff about Zoklet. Each site was founded on the tenet of freedom of information, but was doomed to collapse under the weight of its own controversy.

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Sloane. Age: 26.
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This nosy reporter did try to approach Zok, but received no reply.

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Michelle. Age: 25.
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Zoklet, the forum of bad ideas, has shuttered

For years, Bad Ideas was its morbidly fascinating main draw, an online library of advice, stories and "lulzy bad ideas" for aspiring criminals. Until you step back and realize you're reading a board called Bad Ideas. Similar claims of bank heists and break-ins put Dfg in a difficult position as moderator.

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