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fell asriel
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However, Marisa eventually turns up, intending to take Lyra north. Lord Asriel, who hated the church, arrived one day and took Lyra to his alma mater , Jordan College , where she was placed in the care of the Master and brought up believing Asriel to be her uncle, rather than her father. Ruta Skadi finds him, and he tells her his plan, and gets her clan's support in the war. Asriel, outraged, took Lyra from the convent, and placed her at Jordan College, and ordered the Master to never allow Mrs Coulter to contact Lyra. Lyra agrees, but escapes when she discovers Mrs Coulter's intentions for the stolen children, as the head of the Oblation Board.

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Genesis. Age: 29.
fell asriel

He travels to an empty world and builds an enormous basalt fortress, gathering armies from many different worlds to start his rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Zahra. Age: 32.
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Undertale Roleplay ♡

Lyra resembled Asriel rather than Edward Coulter, so Mrs Coulter gave her to Asriel, who placed their daughter with a gyptian woman, later revealed to be Ma Costa. They die together in a chasm between worlds to destroy Metatron. He is also mentioned to have lively, "black" eyes, glittering with "savage laughter", indicating that beneath his cold and harsh appearance he is really a man with powerful emotions. Glencoe, Illinois: The Free Press.

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