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He said it must have been from all of my teasing. But this time, I first stuck my index finger in his mouth to get it lubed. I had turned the radio off so I could concentrate on Bobby's show. After the last squirt shot out, I just shook my head in amazement and told him that that was incredible. He just looked down and lifted his penis up and looked at it.

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Oakley. Age: 20.
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I asked him if he ever skinny-dipped, and he said yeah, sure, but never with any girls.

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Ember. Age: 25.
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I would just smile back and slowly nod my head up and down as to be telling him that he looks great pleasuring himself, and to just relax and let it go. This went on for what seemed like forever. I couldn't keep from grinning as I stood in the pool, to one side of him, almost eye level with his ball sack, as he leaned back and started to slowly jerk on his cock again. So I said, fine also, if he wanted to be naked for the rest of the afternoon, that was fine with me.

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