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I refocused my attention onto what I thought of now as his beautiful cock. I did find someone to talk to in my friend Justin, who had started puberty about the same time as I did. I felt his erection pressed onto my shirtless back, and immediately my own penis responded. I was amazed that Jake was able to fit all of me into his mouth, and it crossed my mind that he actually knew what he was doing, something I would have to ask him about later. But one night Jake solved all my problems. I was in paradise as Jake ministered to me.

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I smiled at the thought of eating my own cum as I gobbled down the remnants.

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Sucking my cousins dick.

I was already clean and ready to go, so I went up to my waist and waited for him, my dick jutting out proudly from my flat tummy. I think he was letting me get settled. Thoughts of what we would soon be doing to each other in that region flooded my mind, and I so wanted to explore that area right then and there. Sucking a boy off was harder work than it looked.

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