Swimsuit fetish

swimsuit fetish
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I still dislike going with guys swimming though. Well, I really wish that I could believe that, but And I realized that when I go with them once, and then they don't feel like going anymore, or want more people to come along of which at least one of them is another guy , I feel quite disappointed, or in the case of getting another guy along, disgusted at the idea of another guy coming along. The thing is, when I invite a girl out for swimming, my brain jumps between "It'll be fun! If you're not buying girls' swimsuits to touch and wear or feel against your own naked body masturbating I wouldn't say you have a fetish for them.

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Alyssa. Age: 30.
swimsuit fetish

I was against it at first, because I was worried about me doing something I would regret, but she convinced me to go along.

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Shiloh. Age: 27.
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It almost seems like you're trying to recreate some idyllic past experience with asking girls to go swimming. The possibility of me just being more comfortable in a swimming environment being a good main explanation as to why I'm so "obsessed" with getting my female friends to go swimming Could be that you're simply more comfortable in swimming enviroments much as nudists are around other nude people. Related articles Replies Views Last post.

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