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People can float in a gravity-free atmosphere, without the use of rigs and wires. Two or three more volumes are planned, with pages of unpublished new story material expanding the remaining five Epic issues. If you don't like them, they're not going to change for you. Editor Josep Toutain was an artist and artists agent representing the wave of Spanish talent who had rejuvenated Warren Publishing titles like Vampirella and Creepy in the mids; he ran the European branch of Warren, then took it over, and expanded into other imprints and graphic novels. Heavy Metal, , November P. When Starstruck moved into the sights of mainstream comics buyers during the Epic Comics run in , the series had to contend with the attitudes of a predominantly young male market. And we could go inside the mind of a character.

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Writer Alan Moore would do something similar afterward, more simply in Watchmen and much more extensively in his League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Sex Warrior 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Starstruck laces its drama and intrigue with bouts of surrealistic farce, ludicrous slapstick, absurd non-sequiters, random weirdness, cross-communication, cultural parody, and one-liners. Five issues intended for Tundra Publishing were plotted by him along with writer Phil Trumbo, and illustrated by Linda Medley with lettering by Todd Klein. Starstruck used supplement texts as a dramatic expansion of the story. Lee remembers, "we got quite a reaction to the fact that there were so many female characters in the story.

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