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Image via The Weinstein Company. This left viewers wondering if that coy nudity was intentionally left in the film, or if it just went unnoticed by the editors. Image via DreamWorks Pictures. This was unintentional, but was kept in the final cut of the movie. Pretty Woman Throughout her career, actor Julia Roberts has been vocal against doing nude scenes, not out of judgment but out of privacy. As he prepares for battle, Cruise puts on traditional samurai armor and wears it into the fight. There are two things that Indiana Jones is good at: finding lost artifacts and fighting bad guys.

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Audrina. Age: 29.
julia roberts pretty woman nip slip

While it fits the musical genre, there was one problem.

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Zoe. Age: 29.
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30 Huge Wardrobe Malfunctions in Famous Movies

The particular brand of Ray Ban sunglasses that Morrison sports in the movie were not released until the s. Even the best make mistakes every now and again, so who can judge? However, as a historical piece, the movie is filled with inaccuracies. Except for the firefighters.

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