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Same for the excessive gore and blood everywhere. There actually is a certain appeal to a woman in a full suit of armor, in my opinion…anyone familiar with Hilde of the Soul Calibur games? Thunderbow wrote on February 25, From a personal standpoint, I would like that, although frankly I do not care to see nudity in a game. That, and 12 year old kids will never convince their parents to buy it for them. That doesn't necessarily mean there's blood, gore, and breasteses everywhere, but more on the lines of Game of Thrones HBO series in it's adult themes. Any of those I would be fine with, but again if done incorrectly it comes off as cheezy, well like an 80's movie Revenge of the Nerds anyone?

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Am I the only one who clicked this thread only because I saw the word nudity?

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Sure, each game had heavy hints of it, but other than that one place never visually explored these hints. Valergain Member Posts. Asides from more realistic combat, mature content has no place in ESO - and I don't think they're going to push past the T rating just for that. Aetharius Member Posts.

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