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This page has been accessed 7, times. Back at Burger McFlipster's, Jude comes in for more fries when he sees Wyatt dump a trayful of fries into the garbage. Nikki asks who else knows what happened and Jen answers that Jonesy said he would not tell Jude and Wyatt, but then adds that she just told Nikki and Caitlin after promising not to do so. The rest of the gang then realize that Jen and Jonesy have each told the others about the incident, and Jonesy and Jen also clue in on each telling their friends in spite of their promise not to say anything. Namespaces Page Discussion. Jonesy, who is forced to take over as host after Chrissy quits, meets Wyatt and a queasy Jude at the door when, to his disgust, Jude pays the price for overindulging on the Ragin' Cajun Fries when he becomes sick and vomits on Jonesy's uniform.

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Over at the Khaki Barn , Nikki is called over by Chrissy for an announcement, so she leaves the front counter to meet with The Clones.

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Caitlin gasps as she spots Jen coming to the Big Squeeze and she begs Nikki, Wyatt and Jude to act normal and not say anything to give away what they know about Jen's nudity incident. Chrissy squeals with delight on hearing the news, while a more restrained Jonesy also expresses his pleasure with hearing of the appearance of one of his favorite female celebrities. Chuck then invites Jonesy to give his friends complementary passes to attend the party, which Jonesy gleefully accepts as he runs out to deliver the good news to the gang.

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