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I was mowing a patch of grass near some tents and had to stop as there was a large stone in my way. When I came back all that was there was a used condom, but ever since that day, the smell of the woods has always reminded me of sex. So I always had a great view of her ass or side boob. As I got closer I saw a female sitting on a stool with her legs open, a man was on his knees in the water and he was shaving her pussy with a razor that he was rinsing off in the river. I was living in an apartment at the time, and at like 2 AM my neighbor turns on some music at a ridiculous volume. Looked out a hotel room window to a woman, the opposite side of the street, on her bed, fingering herself and recording it. He had two incredibly hot sisters, tall, tan, and blonde.

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Hailey. Age: 20.
wife commando tumblr

I buzzed the doorbell and the lady who answered it sounded smashed—slurring words, and it took her a solid minute to press the doorbell.

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Arianna. Age: 29.
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Then I, like a dumbass, proceed to go get food to eat. Would have been even more exciting except all I could do was imagine. Well anyways she lived on the 5th floor, so I walked up and knocked on her door. We were no more than 10ft from each other.

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