Natasha pov

natasha pov
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When Natasha wakes up to perhaps the weirdest situation, with two weeks of memories gone, her first thought is to find her friends. Natasha usually made a weekly meal plan, assuming no missions, and every Sunday afternoon she placed an order for delivery from the farm. The guy who she yelled and cussed out. She'd been off-balance, her finely-tuned inner ear a touch out of kilter, her body landing one extra inch to the left. But her friends are acting strangely and don't seem to remember her properly and soon she is left to try and understand what is happening and why she is now supposedly locked up in a psych ward. Because there, standing behind a desk, was Steve Rogers aka the asshole who spilled coffee on her blouse earlier. There will be a few chapters of domestic Avengers.

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Mariam. Age: 29.
natasha pov

It was the kind of room she woke up that startled her.

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Jazmine. Age: 28.
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Natasha Nice POV

Cooking and eating were not favored skills. There are a few bumps in the road, but eventually, they all come to learn that nothing worth it is ever easy. Thor asks for Natasha's help.

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