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Even porn has gotten in on the superhero movie craze completely unsurprisingly. In addition to plenty of sex, this Andy Warhol film features characters performing the most mundane of tasks and talking about the Vietnam War. This porno about a college student's research study of queer New York—dwelling couples was hailed by the Feminist Film Awards as one of the "best bisexual movies to come out in years. It's also a favorite of John Waters, for whatever that's worth. The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody is essentially what you think it is: a sexy version of everyone's favorite zombie show. Think Love, Actually if the Martin Freeman part of the movie were

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Dallas. Age: 21.
best porns ever

It's avant-garde, if you hadn't already guessed.

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Katelyn. Age: 30.
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If you love horror and erotica, this one is for you. This film starred Linda Lovelace and tells the age old story of a sexually-frustrated woman who learns that her clitoris is in her throat. Think of it as a romantic comedy, with tons of sex.

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