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anime elf female
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This is a pity, as this is one anime elf that is truly multi-talented, with cooking abilities and the ability to execute powerful elemental magic. Pointy ears, long silver hair, great with a bow and arrow Deedlit is a High Elf who always looks out for her comrades, and she is incredibly rapid during sword fights. Who knows, maybe your future anime elf waifu awaits in this list. After all, she has a penchant for bossing her twin brother around. She enjoys travelling through the galaxy together with Muscat Tyler who recruited her. Top 25 Anime Water Wielding Characters.

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Alivia. Age: 22.
anime elf female

After all, she has a penchant for bossing her twin brother around.

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Mariana. Age: 27.
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Anime Elf Banzai

Puck is a playful and mischievous little elf, who helps to lighten up the morbid atmosphere which is a common trait of the series. Most anime elves lead pretty exciting lives. I guess this type of dress code isn't entirely out of place in the Queen's Blade series, but, Echidna's outfit and how she manages to wear a poisonous snake is something that defies imagination. They come in all sizes and live in diverse worlds.

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