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Despite this, Spud generally prefers not to use his genius IQ, as he fears that upon the discovery of his intelligence the ensuing pressure would not allow him to enjoy his life [6]. For example, he has displayed mastery with the use of two magical wands while battling Pandarus [6] without any instructions or training beforehand, though he had trouble remembering what the spells would do. However, this might be entirely due to the Spartacus costume for the Fighting Trojans mascot he was wearing at the time, and does not necessarily mean he is related to the ancient hero [10]. Spud was shocked to learn about Jake's dragon status and wanted to be of help to Jake and his actions are of great help to him. Spud also mentions his family's tales of a mermaid city in the East River [13]. He once developed a global-positioning device to track his cheerleader crush, Stacey [10]. He owns a laptop computer that sports surveillance capabilities and other advance functions.

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american dragon trixie

The Gorgon sisters remark about how Spud is the splitting image of the warrior Perseus, who originally sealed them away.

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Arthur Spudinski

He also gains magical frog-like powers in in one episode [15] , although he goes back to being human with no magical abilities at all in the end. It is soon revealed that Spud did, in fact, win over her heart on his own and that magic had nothing to do with it. During the talent show in which he does a magician act in honor of his relative, Spud unknowingly uses a magical incantation thought to have been lost for centuries to seal a Djinn away; it is, in fact, the catch-phrase his 'super gramps' taught him when he was younger [12].

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