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Congresso em Foco in Portuguese. Illegal since [32] Penalty: Unknown. In many cultures, humans are seen as fundamentally different from other animals and having sex with animals is seen as defilement. Penalty: Maximum of ten years' imprisonment Unenforced [16]. The legality of pornography has three components: legality of production, legality of sale and transportation, and legality of ownership. Greenland Constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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Human sexuality portal Law portal.

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Bermuda Overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Sexual handling of an animal for the purposes of veterinary practice, or animal husbandry breeding , is normally exempted where such laws exist. There are also commonly laws against forcing another person to engage in sexual activity with other animals, especially minors usually considered equivalent to rape , and laws related to exposing others either non-consensually or minors to the sight of a sexual act.

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